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Not a week goes by where we don't read something about the "HCG Diet" or have patients ask us about it. So we thought it appropriate to dedicate an article to this.

Let's start by understanding what HCG is. HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotoprin and is a naturally-occurring hormone in the human body. Our human bodies are very complex and HCG seems to serve several purposes in the body.

The relationship of HCG to weight loss was first established in the 1950's by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons when researching how it was that women in India had such healthy babies, despite their very low calorie diets. Taking that research one step further, Dr. Simeons found that low dosages of HCG, when accompanied by a low calorie diet, helped obese patients lose weight rather effectively.

Most interesting, is that his research showed that the ultra-low dosages of HCG - many, many times lower than what naturally occurs in a pregnant woman - helped overweight patients speed the loss of excess or hard-to-get fat.

More recently, certain movie stars and weight loss marketing gurus have "re-discovered" HCG and claim it as a weight loss wonder drug. In this country, HCG is a substance regulated by the FDA and can only be obtained by doctor's prescription. However, that didn't stop entrepreneurs from jumping on the bandwagon with "Homeopathic HCG", claiming the same results.

Although the results of Homeopathic HCG are in question, it is a fact that there are many forms of this substance available to the consumer today - both from reputable medical providers and unscrupulous internet vendors. The FDA and American Medical Association (AMA) have taken the stance that Homeopathic HCG is an unsafe substance and not effective for weight loss. Even so, many, many individuals have used the homeopathic forms of HCG and claim great success in losing weight faster and more effectively than otherwise possible.

For me, the word "homeopathic" prompts me to investigate further, and in this case, we agree with the FDA and AMA that Homeopathic HCG should be avoided as a treatment for weight loss. If HCG is to be used for weight loss - and we have seen first hand that it is effective - then only the prescription quality substance should be used.

Many of you may wonder how to know if the HCG you buy online is the real stuff or a homeopathic replica. For that, we leave you with the following three tests:

1) Is it freely available to purchase or only under prescription? If it is freely available, then it cannot be the real thing since authentic HCG is an FDA-controlled substance.

2) Does the label claim 3X, 6X or 12X strength? If so, then it is of homeopathic origin. Real HCG - like other real drugs - has a strength measured in International Units (IU), not 3X or 12X.

3) If the HCG is provided in liquid form, does it pass the pregnancy test? Real HCG in liquid form, will test positive on a pregnancy test strip; homeopathic solutions will not.

Our recommendations?

Authentic prescription-grade HCG can be effective for weight loss.

Homeopathic HCG of any variety or price should be avoided, despite the many claims that it can be effective for weight loss.

If you are already on the WeightWorks program, and using HCG then you already know the importance of "the real thing". Be sure to keep your HCG refrigerated and take the prescribed dosage 2x daily - and following the instructions provided for best effect.

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