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If you're reading this article, chances are that you or someone in your immediate family is overweight.

Last month, we shared some insights that we've collected over the years on the reasons (excuses) people give for being overweight.

This week, we're going to turn the tables and share my top 7 insights as to why people actually are overweight.

Interestingly enough, only one of these insights was listed in our last article as a "reason" for being overweight - and maybe that's why so many people are still overweight.

So here's our list - eliminate any one of these from your life and watch the pounds start to fall away...

#7 - We Don't Read Labels

"Low-fat" is not enough. Many low-fat foods are high in sugars and additives which affect the insulin balance and digestive effectiveness.

Better than low-fat are foods with lower sugar content and natural ingredients. Even healthy fats are better than much of what is in the "low-fat" diet food.

Here's a page containing a short video about food labels that may help.

#6 - We Eat Out Too Often

Let's face it - eating out is fast & easy, and not that expensive either.

But eating out generally involves less healthy food than if we prepared something at home. Pizza, burgers & fried foods may come from different restaurants but are common enemies when it comes to weight gain.

Many of us claim not to have the time or skills to cook at home, but websites like can make it easy for any beginner to succeed.

#5 - Over-sized Portions

Whether we're at a restaurant, grandma's house or just at home, it's super-easy to eat more than we need.

We start with large portions and then even treat ourselves to second helpings and eat much more than we need.

The trick to get past this one is to start with a smaller portion and then avoid second helpings, or include only a small dessert.

#4 - Too Much Sugar

As Americans, we consume more sugary soda drinks than any other country in the world.

A super-size fountain drink tastes so good going down, but it brings in as many calories as an entire meal! Not only that, but sugars are easier to store as fat than protein or other foods.

Try drinking diet soda to avoid the extra sugars, or even better, switch to non-fizzy drinks - unsweetened green tea and water are especially good for weight management!

#3 - Not Enough Sleep

Most of us get 5-6 hours of sleep per night. We may stay up late with the TV or get up early for work, but in either case, we're getting less than the 7-8 hours our bodies need.

When we sleep too little, our bodies don't have the chance to recover and set our hormones back in balance.

Too little sleep leaves us more lethargic with a slower metabolism, plus the out-of-balance hormones leave us hungrier too.

#2 - Too Much Stress

This is the only one of my 7 insights that was also included on the list of reasons (excuses) for excess weight given by those we meet.

As we mentioned last time, excess stress is actually worse than eating chocolate when it comes to weight gain.

Excess stress messes with our hormones (just like too little sleep), but it also exaggerates our eating and inability to correctly process those foods. Bad news, indeed.

#1 - Bad Habits

Even worse than all the insights provided so far, is Weight Gain Enemy #1 - - our own bad habits.

While our good habits promote good health (like brushing our teeth), our bad habits promote and accelerate our weight gain.

Eating ice cream and cake or having a few drinks may feel good at the time of stress, but are killers when it comes to weight management.

Changing out our bad habits is the single most effective way to lose those extra pounds - - and lose them for life!

The Conclusion?

Although the words may be hard, the message of this article is simple - - eliminate the impact of one or more of these insights from your life and watch your weight drop.

Just pick one and do it.

It's the best first step you'll ever take.

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