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Over the last 20 years or so childhood obesity has run rampant across America. Almost every week on the news there are stories of kids ranging in age from 6 to 15 that are having major health problems due to being overweight.

Children's health problems related to being overweight vary from childhood diabetes to growth problems due to excess weight straining growth centers in the bones.

But what some parents have come to realize is the they can not only make a difference in their children's lives by giving them better health, but often eliminate obesity all together by using 3 very simple steps.


Parents have to practice what they preach. Let's face it, kids love to imitate their parents in all aspects of life. And if a child sees their parent eating excessively then they will too. So parents that want to make a change are eating good food with good habits to pass this on to their kids.


Kids need exercise. Now this doesn't mean to go and get an expensive gym membership and hire a personal trainer. Really all kids need to help keep weight off is some outside activities that raise the heart rate.

Getting kids active will also increase metabolism allowing them to burn more fat without even trying. Activities could be as simple as playing tag at the park or jumping rope in the driveway. Keep it simple and fun and it's sure to be a success.


Keeping your child in good health can often be a challenge especially if they are used to sitting around all day playing video games. So getting them up off the couch has to be something that they want to do, or it won't get done.

As a bonus, offer an activity point system that gives them a "game allowance" based on spent time being active. Involving other family members - Mom, Dad or siblings will help keep it fun and get everyone motivated as well.

Parents can give their children a life of health and vitality with just a little effort and a little work. Any good habits instilled at a young age will be sure to help them create lifelong good habits well into adolescence and adulthood.

Please make a conscious effort to give the gift of life to your youngsters - it is the best thing you can do for them now!

Our experience with patients is that just 20 minutes per day of the specifically-designed relaxation therapy works wonders...

If you are already on the WeightWorks program, then please try to bring home the principles of healthy eating and lifestyle to your child as well.

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