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Although we as doctors don't normally watch TV to get our medical news or updates, there are occasions where broadcast TV conveys a message that is balanced and appropriate.

One such program that was recently brought to our attention was the Dr Oz show on the HCG diet for weight loss.

Many of you will have heard of HCG and so we'll cut right to the chase on what Dr Oz has to say...

Dr Oz recommends the use of HCG for weight loss and the accompanying HCG diet, but only under doctor supervision. Dr Oz also recommends avoiding all HCG look-alikes, homeopathic formulations and online ordering of anything claiming to be HCG.

As a way to help bring the message of effective weight loss to Alvin-area residents, I have watched the Dr Oz show on the HCG diet several times, and also read the original book on the topic by Dr. A.T.W Simeons, as well as reviewed a whole series of academic and professional papers on the topic.

Our conclusion agrees with Dr Oz's recommendations. The HCG diet is a very effective means for people to lose weight - whether it be 15 pounds, 50 pounds or more.

Now, if you've never heard of the HCG diet, allow us to give you a summary outline...

HCG is the naturally-occurring hormone produced in females during times of pregnancy, in support of providing extra energy and vitality for development of the fetus. HCG is also naturally-occurring in all people - both men and women - in times of famine, to allow the body to metabolize fat stores for energy when food is not otherwise available. Low doses of HCG - under doctor supervision - has been shown to be highly effective to help lose weight - often helping people lose 20-40 pounds in 6 weeks.

If all this sounds too good to be true, then we need to look at the flip side - - this program is not for everyone, and is certainly not something that you want to try at home, on your own.

In his show, Dr Oz reports two primary side-effects: possible hair loss and hunger. Personally, it is our belief that losing a little hair (which will grow back anyway) is a small price to pay for weight loss that might save your life. As for the headaches, the Dr Oz show featured as many people losing their headaches (from carrying that excess weight) as those who suffered headaches while on the program.

While I may not always agree with what is broadcast as fact on TV, this Dr Oz show pretty much hits it right on the head - -

Our professional experience at WeightWorks stacks up exactly with what Dr Oz says - the HCG diet is an effective way for many people to lose weight, but under doctor's supervision.

In closing, we would highlight one point made on the Dr Oz show which is this - following the HCG diet is hard work. It requires focus, a strong desire for success and discipline.

These requirements mean that most people will benefit from additional support in their weight loss program - to help with the focus, desire and discipline needed for success, and offset the impact of stress in our daily lives (the #2 killer of all weight loss efforts - see our other article)

Most importantly, and to make the weight loss a permanent success without weight loss rebound, we need to overcome the #1 killer of all weight loss efforts - - and there's an article on that too...

If you are already on the WeightWorks program, and using HCG then you already know the importance of "the real thing". Be sure to keep your HCG refrigerated and take the prescribed dosage 2x daily - and following the instructions provided for best effect.

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P.S. For those of you wanting to see the Dr Oz show for yourself, click here.