25 Reasons to Lose Weight TODAY

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Most of us already know why we want to lose weight, and at WeightWorks we've heard it all! Check out our "Top 25" list - given in no particular order - and see if you can relate...

25 Reasons to lose weight

1. Live Better & Longer - Generally accepted as the #1 reason to lose weight, it is surprisingly not the reason most of us decide to lose weight. Looking good and being able to get back into activities often trump good health as the reason to lose weight.

2. Reduce Risk of Heart Disease & Diabetes - Extra weight, particularly in our mid-section can significantly increase risk of life-threatening disease. Those of us with a family history of heart disease of diabetes should be especially motivated by this.

3. Improve My Quality of Life - Life is an incredible experience, no matter what size we are, but just imagine all the extra things you can experience if you lose weight.

4. Improve My Health - Carrying extra weight puts extra stress on our entire body, often leaving us more susceptible to colds, flus and the "small" sicknesses of life. Losing the extra weight allows us to stay healthier, even without drastic changes to diet and activity.

5. Eliminate My Need for Medications - Many of us take prescription medications or over-the-counter drugs to offset problems we may have from being overweight (high blood pressure, digestive issues, etc). Dropping the weight often allows us to be free of those medications, lowering our costs and increasing our pleasures.

6. Lowering My Insurance Costs - Life insurance companies take weight gain very seriously and apply significant "high-risk" cost factors to annual premiums. When I'm overweight, I am paying much more for the same financial protection for my family.

7. Improve My Endurance & Stamina - Oftentimes, walking or climbing stairs can become something that seems like more work than it needs to be. Losing weight helps us regain stamina and endurance so that we can do more without getting tired or winded.

8. Increase My Motivation - as we lose weight and are more able and mobile to do even the simple things more easily, we become more motivated to tackle bigger and better things. Our motivation leads to setting new goals for family, work and financial success.

9. Lift My Self-Esteem - losing the extra pounds makes me feel more respected and more capable. This increases my self-esteem, especially as other compliment my new look -bringing about a higher level of happiness and contentment.

10. Improve My Relationships - when we feel better about ourselves, our outlook on life changes and you radiate a more positive attitude. This attitude is infectious and helps improve your relationships at home and at work. People will notice!

11. Be More Attractive to Others - let's be honest; people are more friendly and show more respect to those who are not overweight. When we lose even some of our extra weight, people notice and we become more attractive to others.

12. Improve My Sex Life - being overweight is a downer for anyone's sex life. Losing this weight will increase our sexual appetite and desire. A thinner physique allows for a wider range of sexual positions and the ability to wear seductive outfits. Now that sounds like fun!

13. Feel Sexier / Look Better In My Clothes - losing the extra weight leaves us feeling good about my body. When we feel good about your body, we feel sexier and dress in a way that accentuates our shape, not to hide it. Compliments on how we look are just around the corner.

14. Wear My Clothing That No Longer Fits Me - most of us with extra weight have clothes in our closets that we haven't been able to wear in years, especially if our weight gain/loss story has been like a yo-yo. Losing even a few pounds allows us to fit into some outfits we love but haven't been able to wear for a while.

15. Avoid Embarrassment in Public or At Work - being overweight leaves us looking out of shape or unable to do some of the simple things expected in life or on the job. The inability to do tasks that are otherwise easy or the desire to hide our body can lead to embarrassing moments we'd rather not remember.

16. Blend in Better in Public or At Work - as we lose weight, we no longer have to worry about fitting into tight places. Booths at restaurants, seats at theaters or seats on airplanes, buses and cars may be places we avoid due to our inability to fit. Finding out you can't find, or worse yet, getting stuck, is more humiliating than we need.

17. Get A New or Better Job - promotions in the workplace are not usually based on physical capability, but all other things being equal, those who look fit, trim and energetic are far more likely to receive the promotion or job offer than those who aren't. Being overweight places an extra barrier to the best that we want for our families and ourselves.

18. Get More Respect at Work - at GE, office workers used to hide their overweight colleagues when CEO Jack Welch came to visit. Jack believed that those unable to control their weight may not be the best managers for his company. While that's extreme, fitting in to the everyday situation without the extra attention is good.

19. Enjoy Activities with Friends & Family - often, our weight may limit our participation in the simple things of life - going for a walk, a swim, playing games or simple sports. Having fun with family is so much easier when we're not carrying the extra weight.

20. Play with My Kids or GrandKids - playing with kids often means physical activities or just rolling on the floor. Being overweight can really limit our participation and enjoyment with these little ones, and telling them "no" or worse yet, why we can't play with them as they want is heartbreaking and an opportunity lost for a lifetime.

21. Participate in Hobbies or Sports - whether it is bowling with my social club, dancing with my partner or playing team sports, being overweight can often limit our involvement. We might not dare to try new activities or people maybe just don't ask us anymore - either way, we're left out and missing out.

22. Check Off That New Year's Resolution - losing the weight for good allows us to check off that every-year New Year's "resolution" that we just can't keep. Just think, once we lose the weight, we can set new goals that are more fun. What a great feeling of accomplishment to be done with the "weight loss goal" for good.

23. Just to Prove That I Can Do It - as we try to lose weight and fail, then we live with a constant reminder of our failure. It is time to set our goal and take off the weight for good - erasing the memory of our failure and improving our lives. Proving to ourselves that we are worth it and that we can do it generates benefits beyond the pounds lost.

24. For My Family - being overweight shortens my life expectancy, worsens my health and steals who I am from my family. My partner and my kids deserve all of me for as long as I can give it to them.

25. Because I Deserve It! - the best reason of all is "Just Because...". I am worth it and deserve all that life can offer.

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25 Reasons to lose weight