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Weight Loss without HCG

In our last post, we talked about how using HCG alone for weight loss is not enough. While that’s true, there are also a whole group of people for whom HCG is not even necessary. That’s right – many people … Continue reading

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Top 7 Reasons People give for Weight Loss Failure – Reason #4

This is second post in a series of 7 blog posts counting down the “Top 7 Reasons” that people give us for being overweight, together with our own insights on why these reasons are so true. Be sure to read … Continue reading

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Acai Berry weight loss sellers punished by Feds

As part of a settlement agreement with the Federal Trade Commission, six online marketers will permanently halt their allegedly deceptive practice of using fake news websites to sell acai berry supplements and other weight-loss products. The settlements bars the companies … Continue reading

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Restore Bladder Control and Reduce Urinary Incontinence

Almost every woman talks about weight loss and many make new year’s resolutions to lose weight. Being overweight comes with many side-effects, one of which is a slight loss of bladder control.   Urinary leakage in women, as common as it … Continue reading

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Government “soda tax” to curb obesity epedemic – we don’t think so…

New research shows that any government estimates on the effectiveness of a “sugar tax” on sodas is overestimated by quite a lot… (are we surprised?  I mean, this is coming from the same people eating $16 muffins…) Here’s a link … Continue reading

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Behavioral Reponse Key to Weight Loss?

You bet it is! Researchers are finally catching up with what we at WeightWorks have known all along – that without adjustment of the underlying behavior patterns, any weight lost will just come right back. Check out this article to … Continue reading

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Half of Men Would Ditch Woman Who Gained Weight – Ugh!

Most of the time, we prefer to write about things that help you, but every once in a while a story crosses our desk that is just bad, but might help motivate anyway… Apparently, in a survey of 70,000 people, … Continue reading

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8 Tips to Breaking Through the Weight Loss Plateau

Check out our new video channel and find out how to break through your weight loss plateau. More good stuff on the way!

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