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Biggest Loser rebounds after weight loss, now goes for surgery!

Renee Wilson was all smiles during her 2008 appearance on the television reality show The Biggest Loser– and why not?  During the six month process she lost 106 pounds and finished in 4th place. 106 pounds is a lot of … Continue reading

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Cancer = 100lbs Overweight?!?

Here’s our quote of the day – this one attributed to Dr Oz…. “A 50 year old who is 100 pounds overweight has the same risk of dying as a 50 year old who has a solid cancer. “ In … Continue reading

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Tool Helps Canadian Providers Decide Who Gets Weight Loss Surgery

Up in Canada, people have to wait months or even years for obesity surgery.  They’ve even developed a rating system to determine who gets to have the surgery first! Full story online here. Better to lose weight naturally and permanently … Continue reading

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LapBand vs Gastric Bypass?

Researchers have recently compared the effectiveness of the Lap-Band and Gastric Bypass surgeries. What they found is eye-opening. First, study reports that patients who undergo Gastric Bypass Surgery Second lost 64% of their excess weight after one year, while the … Continue reading

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