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Top 7 Reasons People give for Weight Loss Failure – Reason #2

This is sixth post in a series of 7 blog posts counting down the “Top 7 Reasons” that people give us for being overweight, together with our own insights on why these reasons are so true. Be sure to read … Continue reading

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The HCG Diet Works, but…

The HCG diet has been the subject of endless discussion in the health field and is considered miraculous by some and dangerous by others. At WeightWorks, we are well-acquainted with the HCG diet. Despite the naysayers, there has been a … Continue reading

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Weight Loss Scams to Watch Out for in 2012

As we enter the new year, many of us are focused on weight loss and making 2012 the year that we finally make good on our resolution to take our weight down to where it should be. Unfortunately, 2012 is … Continue reading

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Watch Out! Weight Loss Complaints are up 50%

As you go to make good on your weight loss resolution this year, please watch out for the unscrupulous weight loss marketeer – there are more scams out there than ever and complaints to the BBB are way up. Scams … Continue reading

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Why Lasting Weight Loss is So Hard

Losing weight is hard work, but keeping the weight off is even harder. 1,000 Pounds of Weight Gain! Take Claudia Hallblom of the Los Angeles area.  By her own estimation, she has lost and regained about 1,000 pounds in her … Continue reading

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STRESS: The #2 Killer of all Weight Loss Success!

Stress triggers emotional responses, often leaving us feeling tense, upset or even angry.  And it is exactly these feelings that make stress the #2 killer of good weight management strategies. Here’s why… When our bodies are stressed, we produce extra … Continue reading

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