Watch Out! Weight Loss Complaints are up 50%

As you go to make good on your weight loss resolution this year, please watch out for the unscrupulous weight loss marketeer – there are more scams out there than ever and complaints to the BBB are way up.

Scams to watch for include:

HOMEOPATHIC HCG -  anyone selling HCG that is not a licensed doctor is most likely selling homeopathic (“fake”) HCG.  Even though the FDA is trying to shut these guys down, they are still out there and popping up everywhere!

FAKE CLINICAL TRIALS – companies are out there asking for an “enrollment fee” and then telling you to take a special pill once a day for 1-2 years as part of a trial.  Turns out to be a scam just to collect enrollment fees.

WEIGHT LOSS TEA — there is no such thing, of course, but companies will still try to sell it to you, with a 60-day money-back guarantee.  Of course, when you ask for a refund, they stall the process so that the 60-day period goes by – together with your money.

HYPNOSIS – We’ve seen the promise of “Quit Smoking & Lose Weight in just one Session” with a 10-year 100 percent money back guarantee on the $250 purchase.  The BBB has received lots of complaints on this one – obviously.

FAT-DISSOLVING INJECTIONS – Over 350 complaints came pouring in to the BBB on a company selling fat-dissolving injections for $10,000+.  The procedure is not approved by the FDA and injections caused extensive swelling and pain.  This St Louis company went “out of business” but others are sure to pop up.

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