Eat Out and still lose weight!

Eating out is dangerous for most people who are trying to lose weight or even just manage their weight.

This is especially true when you learn that even a healthy-looking salad can be over 1,000 calories!

Now a the results of a new study by the University of Texas affirms what our doctors already know – that education and a mindful approach can allow weight loss even for frequent diners.

The study, released Tuesday in the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior, included 35 healthy women age 40 to 59 who ate out often — on average 5.6 times a week.

The women were split into 2 groups – one were given education and training for mindful eating, the others not.

The educated women ate fewer calories and did better with their weight than the other group, losing an average of 3.7 pounds during the 6 week trial.

“Based on what we learned from this study, for those individuals who eat out frequently, developing the skills needed to eat out without gaining weight from the excess calories typically consumed at restaurants may be essential to long-term health,” lead author Gayle Timmerman of the University of Texas said in a news release.

Good news?  You bet.  And without special diet or exercise either!

Our doctors have known that education and mindful eating are a key to long-term weight loss success and have incorporated these via seminars and Success Therapies into the WeightWorks weight loss program.

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