Another Fraudulent Weight Loss “Clinical Trial”

DENVER -  Consumers are vulnerable to frauds like the one federal investigators say had been run out of Denver for years.  After a two-year investigation spanning 15 states, they have arrested the man they say was at the center of it. Investigators say John Edward Mullikin promised to help people lose weight, but stole their money instead.

This is not the first time a “clinical trial” has scammed people out of their money.

In this case, a woman in Denver replied to the ad for the fraudulent trial.  Everything looked legitimate and it even had an official-sounding name: The Metacor Labs Weight Loss Study by Progenics.

The offer was to be part of a medical trial to test weight loss pills. The researchers promised to pay participants more than $300 a month for their time. The only requirement for someone to sign up was a $144 deposit.

The woman who signed up had her money taken, received a 1 month supply of some unidentified pills and that was the last of it.

The complaint of this “participant” and others resulted in a multi-state investigation and the eventual arrest of Mr. Greedy himself – John Edward Mullikin.

It’s exactly this kind of thing that gives the weight loss industry a bad name.  And provides all the more reason for people to seek out a real medical professional that they can talk to, not just offers that sound too good to be true.

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