Celu-lite HOT PANTS a scam

Groupon is in trouble with UK advertising regulators – again

This time, it’s about the CELU-LITE HOT PANTS ad they ran last fall.

The ad calimed weight loss just by wearing the special shorts (!):

Using Celu-Lite™ technology, these magnificently comfy HOTPANTS™ are designed to aid clients in their transformation into a smaller Russian doll self, in conjunction with a healthy diet and lifestyle. The nifty shorts have been created to take advantage of the body's natural heat to increase the warmth around the thighs, which then boosts the level of perspiration to help maximise workouts.

There was no evidence that the pants removed any cellulite, and so the advertisting agency charged Groupon with failing to substantiate its claims and breaking the guidelines for advertising weight loss products.

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