Chocolate Cake for Breakfast = Weight Loss??

Cake for breakfast is not all bad.  At least, it's better than cake for dinner.

Most of us know that eating a rich or heavy meal just before going to bed is bad news for weight loss, since the body is shutting down then and many of the calories just end up in storage (as fat).

So some Israeli researchers looked into the opposite - what if we had cake at breakfast time instead?

The study followed 193 obese adults, half of whom were randomly assigned to eat a large, 600-calorie breakfast that included a "dessert" item, such as a cookie, cake or donut. The other half ate a small, 300- calorie breakfast.

Both groups consumed the same total number of calories for 16 weeks - 1600 for men and 1400 for women. (The group with a big breakfast ate a smaller dinner.)

Then study participants were advised to stick to the diet, but could eat more if they were hungry.  At this point, the small breakfasters GAINED 24 pounds, while those eating a big breakfast LOST 15 pounds.

All of this has to do with eating too close to bedtime, when the body is shutting down and many of the calories you might eat then end up in storage (as fat).

In the morning, your body is on the hunt for fresh calories (assuming you haven't been raiding the fridge overnight), and so loading up some extra calories at breakfast time, might not be as bad as it seems.

Even if it is cake.

Of course, there's plenty of better, healthier and more nutritious ways to eat more for breakfast besides a slab of chocolate cake, but if you must have cake during the day, then breakfast is the time to do so!

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