Weight Loss Supplements a Waste of Money

Diet pills a big waste of money says nutrition expert Melinda Manore from the University of Oregon

Labels like “extreme fat burner!” are just not true.  Neither are claims of “crave less” or “metabolism reset”.

Melinda reviewed a hundreds of weight loss studies and found no evidence that using any weight loss product brings about significant weight loss.

Surprised?  We’re not….

But people must surely be desperate for a magic bullet… after all, annual sales of weight loss supplements in the USA is $2.4 billion per year!

What’s our advice?

There is no magic bullet, despite the claims.  Don’t believe any of them.

Doctor-supervised weight loss at our WeightWorks weight loss clinics with or without the HCG Diet may be more expensive, but it works – primarily because we address the underlying issues to weight gain as well as taking off the weight.

Many of our patients claim that our program is easy (read their reviews here) but we’ll tell you that it is still work.  Nothing comes free, and nothing just happens on its own.

Interested to learn more about how doctor-supervised weight loss can help you?  Then click here for an initial doctor consultation about your weight.  Normally $95, you can have it for 50% off if you enter the code BLOG50 as the discount coupon.

Avoid the supplements you hear about and come see us – you’ll be glad you did!

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