LapBand vs Gastric Bypass?

Researchers have recently compared the effectiveness of the Lap-Band and Gastric Bypass surgeries.

What they found is eye-opening.

First, study reports that patients who undergo Gastric Bypass Surgery Second lost 64% of their excess weight after one year, while the Lap-Band patients lost only 36%.

Second, and even more concerning is that 12-15% of the patients experienced complications, with even worse news for the Lap-Banders, 13% of whom needed repeat surgeries.

gastric bypassIn the bypass surgery, the stomach is stapled so that food has to bypass a section of the small intestine, with the result that the recipient feels full faster with less of the food being absorbed.


The Lap-Band procedure on the other hand, separates the stomach into two sections with a band so that eating too much becomes difficult.

Prior studies have suggested gastric banding was safer than gastric bypass surgery but the latest findings show no significant differences in surgical risks.


Bariatric surgery remains risky and the results far from guaranteed.

To understand this better, imagine if your contractor told you that his $30,000 roofing repair job has a one-year success rate of 64% with asphalt shingles and was 34% leak-free using roof tiles.

Which would you choose?  Shingles or Tiles?

I know that me and my $30,000 would look for another solution.

Click here to read the full text of the original article.

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