Weight Loss Clinics: HCG or Feeding Tube Diet?

Just when you thought you’ve seen it all, here comes the feeding tube diet!

Here’s the link to the full ABC News report, but in summary it goes like this:

Get a doctor to stick a feeding tube (the kind they use with coma patients) up your nose and down your throat. Ugh…

Then carry around a protein solution and a pump on the other end to drip the energy you need to live into your gullet.  Ugh, once again…

Do this for 10 days.  While you are doing it, don’t eat a thing and try to live as normally as possible, even if everyone else is staring at you like you’re some sort of walking zombie.

Plan to lose 2lbs per day.  Wow – that’s faster than your mind or body can adjust.  But of course as you are eating nothing and trying hard to be normal, you shrink fast.

Technically, it’s called KETOSIS.  One of the byproducts of living like this is that the breakdown of fat produces acetone – a smelly toxic chemical that actually dissolves styrofoam and some plastics too!

We don’t like the Feeding Tube Diet.  For example, at our Houston weight loss clinic we advise people not to go into KETOSIS, smelling bad and generating EPA-certified poisons in their own body!

We find HCG to be a better, more natural and healthier way to lose weight.

Not sure – check out this acetone / styrofoam video

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