Celebs earn $33,000 per pound lost

Life’s not fair.

A new report shows that celebrities earn on AVERAGE $33,000 per POUND of fat they lose.

That’s more than most of us make in a while year of working.  Yet, we have to pay to lose our extra pounds.

Like we said, life’s not fair.

Even worse, if they gain the weight back after losing it (like most people), they get paid again to lose it.  Read the full news story here (if you want).

Best to not think about those celebrities losing their weight.  After all, they have personal trainers, personal chefs, all day off to exercise or whatever – that doesn’t even compare with the rest of us who work all day for a living and then struggle to find time to put dinner on the table.

Even worse, everyone is after us to pay THEM for our weight loss.

Life shouldn’t be so blatantly unfair.

We agree.  After all, paying other people to help us lose weight, only to have it reappear 6 months later is nothing short of highway robbery.

That’s why we have the 100% Satisfaction Guarantee that when you lose a pound of weight at one of our doctor-supervised weight loss clinics, it will not come back.  Guaranteed.

Check out our the details on why we are different at our weight loss clinic.

You’ll be glad you did!

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