#6 Quick Weight Loss Failure – Cut Out The Carbs

This is part of a series of 6 blog posts that highlight the Worst Quick Weight Loss Strategies that backfire every time.

In these postings, our doctors crack open the truth around Quick Weight Loss to help you lose weight the right way and lose if for good.

Read all 6 postings to find out how to regain your naturally-thin self!

Quick Weight Loss Lie#6:


Well, Dr. Atkins sure got us going on this one, didn’t he?

Just about everyone has lost weight with something like the Atkins Diet, which suggested eating mainly protein and no carbs.

The carb free diet works well, but like the sauna trick, the weight comes back on once you stop.

Staying on a carb-free diet is not permanent solution since it misses out on too many healthy foods that contain carbs but are needed by the body – like fruits and whole grains with the minerals, vitamins and fiber that your body needs.

You can try the carb-free lifestyle to lose weight like so many other people have, but your weight will almost certainly come back once you stop.  (The transition from carb-free to normal can be done to permanently reset your metabolism and keep the weight off for life, but generally only under doctors’ supervision.)

The better way to lose weight is to find a balanced and healthy diet that you can live with forever.


Quick weight loss failures are all around us.  If we’re smart about it, you’ll ignore the hype and focus on the truth about the best way to lose weight.

Quick weight loss is all too often a lie.  The extra weight took years to accumulate and will not disappear in a matter of weeks except maybe with a little doctors’ help (like the HCG Diet).

We are here to help – let the doctors at our weight loss clinics set you on the right path to permanent success with a program for quick weight loss that is medically-based and works for life.  Read more here.

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