#4 Reason why 95% of all Weight Loss Fails

In this series of 7 blog posts, our doctors share the results of their research into why weight loss is so hard, and why 95% of all weight loss efforts fail.

The results shared in these postings are based on years of research with countless patients. Now the Top 7 Reasons for Weight Loss Failure are being shared with you.

Read all 7 postings to find out how to regain your naturally-thin self!

Reason #4 for 95% Weight Loss Failure


As Americans, we consume more sugary soda drinks than any other country in the world.

A super-size fountain drink tastes so good going down, but it brings in as many calories as an entire meal! Not only that, but sugars are easier to store as fat than protein or other foods.

Try drinking diet soda to avoid the extra sugars, or even better, switch to non-fizzy drinks – unsweetened green tea and water are especially good for weight management!


Although the words may be hard, the message of this article is simple – – eliminate the impact of one or more of these insights from your life and watch your weight drop.

Just pick one and do it. It’s the best first step you’ll ever take.

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And, yes, we do use the HCG Diet where this is the right thing for you.


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