Top Two Secrets of a Weight Loss Clinics Success

The new year is now into its second month and how is your weight?

Maybe you’ve decided not to make any new year’s resolutions about losing weight, figuring that anything you’ve tried last year or the year before didn’t work anyway…

But before you decide that weight loss is impossible for you, give me 5 minutes of your time to give you the top two secrets to weight loss -we have seen this work in 98% of the cases at our weight loss clinics.

First, Secret #2 – – LESS STRESS.

Too much stress in our lives upsets the hormone balance in our bodies  — building up higher-than-normal levels of Adrenaline and Cortisol — and making it nearly impossible to lose weight, no matter what we try.

Excess Adrenaline reduces our body’s fat burning ability, increases fluid retention and makes us hungry.  On top of that, too much Cortisol raises blood sugars, which then raises insulin levels and also makes us hungrier.  Worse yet, Cortisol makes our body favor burning protein for energy instead of fat.

The net result of this hormone imbalance is that we store more fat and gain weight — not lose weight!

But the bigger Secret #1 is what I call the “CONNECTED MIND”.

Here’s what we mean…

You already know that too much cake, ice cream, etc., brings on weight gain.

You also know that second helpings or too many calories in any form kills weight loss.

You know you shouldn’t “justify” or “reward” yourself with food.

Even though we know all of these things, we do them anyway — especially when times get tough.  It’s almost like our minds want us to fail, like we want to self-destruct our weight loss program.


These types of failures — whether from bad habits, family tradition or personal choice — are often a result of behaviors ingrained in our subconscious, making it hard to act against them.

This “disconnect” between our subconscious ways of thinking (old patterns & habits) and our conscious thoughts (I want to lose weight) is the #1 reason for failure of any weight loss program.

If you look back at your past weight loss failures, then you will agree that you already know this.

Therefore the biggest secret to most weight loss success – even at any weight loss clinic – is what we call the “connected mind”.

Aligning your subconscious / habits / patterns with the weight loss goals of your conscious mind is not nearly so difficult as it sounds.  Even severe cases of “disconnect” can be helped with simple coaching that can be completed at home.

Our experience in our weight loss clinics is that achieving your weight loss potential with Secret #1 is achievable by pretty much anyone who really does want to lose weight.

Still think you need to avoid a new year’s weight loss resolution?  We think setting a goal to lose 20lb by spring is realistic and achievable.

Don’t think so? Then please call us so we can talk.  1-800-552-2533

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