Real-Life Example – Weight Loss without HCG

Here’s a lady who lost 100lbs – not by HCG or other medicine, but just by doing the right thing.

Army wife Misty Shaffer lost 100lbs while her man was away on duty.

What a great surprise when he arrived back stateside!

Misty lost her 100lbs – but not by exercising.

She didn’t lose her weight by relying on HCG, green tea or any other kind of weight loss supplement either.

She lost her weight by eating smaller portions, drinking lots of water, and not eating three to four hours before bedtime.

She also avoided her biggest craving—potato chips.

Congratulations Misty.

Our WeightWorks weight loss program – designed by doctors for our Weight Loss Clinics – helps people just like Misty lose weight by doing much the same thing.

We are not exercise crazy.  Going to the gym is good but not the main way to lose weight.

Our doctors and specialists help each patient understand what caused their weight loss and how they can un-do the effects of that cause – with NORMAL BEHAVIORS.

No crazy diets.  Now wacky foods or shakes.  Just normal living… with weight loss as a result.

Oh yea.. for those who really struggle to get started, we let them use HCG since it does help kickstart things (p.s. you can buy HCG here if you want to do the HCG Diet on your own)

Weight loss is easier than you think once you know what caused it.

Find out today – signup for a weight loss consultation and get started with losing your weight – the right way.  Mention this blog and get 50% off the consult too.   :)

Here’s the link to get started:

Want to read the whole story on Misty?  Then click here

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