About Us

This blog is authored by the doctors at WeightWorks.  We hope that our insights will help educate people about weight loss and weight management.

In doing so, we want to help people find and maintain their naturally-thin lives.

Our company, WeightWorks was formed to people from all walks of life –  just like you – to achieve and maintain your ideal weight.

This idea of maintaining your ideal weight is very important to us!  (Many weight loss companies actually don’t mind if you re-gain the weight so that you can come back and buy more of their product or service!) We don’t think that this is a good business model for you or for us.

At the moment, we have clinic locations in the Phoenix, Dallas & Houston metro areas.

At WeightWorks, we have worked hard incorporate the very best and latest proven technologies and products into a single comprehensive solution to help everyone – – especially those who have tried just about everything else – – achieve their ideal weight under doctor’s supervision.

Even better, we look beyond the traditional areas of food (diet) and exercise to the reasons behind your weight gain – whether social, mental or other – to really address the root of the problem.

In doing so, we help eliminate bad habits so that your weight loss is permanent – without rebound of those extra pounds that you worked so hard to remove.

So whether you are looking to lose 50+ pounds or just a few inches for life, we can help.


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