Weight Loss Doctors

Below is a brief introduction to the key Doctors Weight Loss of WeightWorks. More detail is available on each doctor by clicking on their picture.

Weight Loss Doctor - Dr BlackwellDr. Dell Blackwell

Dr. Dell is an active author with a biweekly weight loss column in the Alvin newspaper. He has also served the Alvin-area community as Alvin's chiropractor for over 5 years.

Weight Loss Doctor - Dr HendrikzDr. Earl Hendrikz

Dr. Earl is a personal trainer and & sports doctor, focusing on bringing health, fitness and now the naturally-thin lifestyle to his patients for over a decade.

Weight Loss Doctor - Dr Van LaeckenDr. Steve Van Laecken

Dr. Van Laecken is a certified "Tough Muddder" and has previously completed the WeightWorks program to lose weight himself. He serves our Phoenix-area patients as Weight Loss Doctor and Phoenix chiropractor.