Meet Dr Dennis Clark...

Dr. Dennis Clark, adjunct professor at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, is an expert on plant natural products chemistry and integrative medicine.

Prior to serving at Southwest College, Dr. Clark served Arizona State University for 30+ years in a teaching and research capacity, with publications in dozens of national and international scientific journals.

Dr. Clark's journey into medical botany and natural health began when, as a young university professor, he found that his knowledge of plant chemistry could be used to explain how plant natural products affect human health. His science-based approach to natural health led to several new classes in integrative medicine, medical botany, and natural products pharmacology.

As Dr. Clark states, "People should be able to get straightforward answers to simple questions about which natural medicines will work for them and what commercial brands are reliable for what they need."

Over the years Dr. Clark has gathered the best information available on natural approaches for preventing and overcoming many human disorders, including obesity and weight gain. He has recently also researched, tested and tried HCG for weight loss, bringing that added knowledge to all WeightWorks patients.

Our goal is to help 100,000 people lose weight - forever. To do this, we have tailored the doctor-supervised weight loss program that has been so successful in our clinic locations to also be available nationwide via the internet.

Dr. Dennis Clark, Ph.D.

Weight Loss Doctor - Dr Clark