Dr Miller's McAllen Weight Loss Clinic

Dr. Tiffany Miller is the lead practitioner at WeightWorks McAllen Mission, providing doctor-supervised weight loss with HCG diet support to patients with at-home weight loss Success Therapies. Dr. Miller received her Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) from Texas Chiropractic College in 2002.

Dr. Miller is a family chiropractor with long term ties to the McAllen / Rio Grande area. She is a sponsor of the Foooducation Movie Series where she is helping to lead a local discussion of how food is grown, processed, and how it affects our health.

Dr. Miller has partnered with WeightWorks to bring the premier, medically-supervised method of Lasting Weight Loss to greater Rio Grande Valley. By joining with WeightWorks, Dr. Miller is aligned to help reach the goal of helping 10,000 people nationwide.

On the personal side, Dr. Miller has struggled with her own weight since childhood. Like most of us, she has always known what to do, and is even very discplined in her life - it's just that weight loss generally took a back seat to so many other priorities.

After watching her friend Dr Stacey lose her unwanted pounds, she was inspired to try this program.

The HCG approach and Success Therapies have helped Dr Tiffany lose 32 lbs so far!

...and she's not having a problem keeping it off either! The program has left her craving healthier foods, not junk food and feeling IN CONTROL!

Dr. Miller's clinic is located at 1701 N 8th, Suite C-34 in McAllen, Texas 78501, serving patients from Mission, McAllen, Edinburg and all other communities within miles of the core 78501 and surrounding 785xx zipcodes.

The WeightWorks clinic is co-located in the same office as Family Wellness Chiropractic. Still not sure? Then click here for directions.

To visit Dr. Millers's clinic website, click here.

Our goal is to help 100,000 people lose weight - forever. To do this, we have tailored the doctor-supervised weight loss program that has been so successful in our clinic locations to also be available nationwide via the internet.

Dr Tiffany Miller, D.C.

Weight Loss Doctor - Dr Miller