McAllen Weight Loss Clinic

WeightWorks operate the premier weight loss clinics and are proud to have a weight loss clinic in McAllen to serve the entire Rio Grande Valley, including Mission, Edinburg and all the way down to Brownsville, Texas!

Dr. Tiffany Miller leads all aspects of the weight loss clinic in McAllen, assisted by the doctors from our other weight loss clinic locations.

Dr. Miller has been serving the Rio Grande with good health solutions since 2003, and has joined forces with WeightWorks in 2012 to establish a doctor-supervised weight loss clinic in the McAllen area as well.

Our McAllen / Rio Grande weight loss center is located in McAllen at 1701 N 8th Street, Suite C-34

Weight Loss Clinic in McAllen

Supervising Doctor
McAllen Weight Loss Clinic

Inspired by Dr Stacey, Dr Tiffany has lost 32 pounds on the program herself and, with is keeping it off with the help of the Success Therapies.

Now she wants to help you too!

Our McAllen weight loss clinic is located in central McAllen, and provides the entire Rio Grande valley weight loss solutions.

Still not sure? Then click the map above to get directions - or call us at 1-888-552-2533

The goal of our weight loss clinics is to help 100,000 people lose weight - forever.
Our weight loss doctors program is available through our weight loss clinics as an at-home weight loss program.

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Weight Loss Doctor - Dr MillerDr Tiffany Miller leads and manages the McAllen weight loss clinic.