Alvin-Area Toddler Motivates Weight Loss

    - Pain and Prescriptions Eliminated!!

After years of being overweight, the health issues started to accumulate. Bad back, sore joints, and high cholesterol. Life just seemed to be getting more difficult - why, even tying their shoes was proving to be a challenge.

But it was the little fellow - the resident 2 year-old son and grandson - that motivated Wayne as father and Brenda as grandmother to find a solution. That's when they turned to Dr. Blackwell and his team at WeightWorks in Alvin for help.

To them, it felt as if they'd tried everything already: all those "magic" over-the-counter weight loss formulations and even prescription Fen Phen. Some pounds would come off, but then come right back on, normally 4-6 months later.

So it was with a great deal of skepticism that they came to WeightWorks' "doctor-supervised" weight loss program here in Alvin - especially with the economy being so tight.

Weight Loss Success - The Olivers

Looking back, however, both Wayne and Brenda agree that this is the best thing that they may have ever done together. Losing the pounds has changed their lives.

There is now so much more energy for playing with and running after the 2-year-old.

Physical labor - whether on the job or in the yard - has become so much easier.

Shortness of breath has disappeared, and even tying their shoes is a non-event once again.

But it was the disappearing health issues that caught them both by surprise. "My back no longer hurts and my knee pain is gone", says Wayne. His mother Brenda added "I am shocked and delighted to be off my cholesterol medications. I didn't think that was possible, yet here I am without them!"

Wayne and Brenda joined the WeightWorks program in early September. They started with a short period of stabilization, 6 weeks of intense calorie reduction and rapid fat loss, and then locked in those losses with a short period of metabolism reset.

Wayne and Brenda both agree that the low calorie portion of the program was the hardest part, yet with the help of Dr. Blackwell and the clinic staff, it was very doable. "The best surprise of the program was the 1-on1 support from Dr. Blackwell and his staff" says Wayne. "It was unlike any other program."

But what about the future? Will the weight stay off?

Both Wayne and Brenda think it will.

In fact, Wayne says that his biggest problem was previously portion control and knowing when to stop, but with the training and education given by Dr. Blackwell and staff, his new eating habits feel completely natural and, of course, much healthier.

But what about the numbers?

Like many women, Brenda's keeping her weight data close to her chest. Wayne, however, is more than willing to point to his "spare tire" that's gone missing in action from the 36 pounds he lost in the 6 weeks of focused effort.

Good health, more energy, and one happy 2-year-old. Now that's a good story!

But our story wouldn't be complete without some insight from Dr. Blackwell. A humble man, he wouldn't boast about his past successes, but he did leave us this insight as to why he is making a difference even where others fail: "At WeightWorks, we see it as equally important to help patients lose weight as helping them trade out bad habits for healthy behaviors and thereby make the weight loss permanent."

-- Wayne & Brenda Oliver, December 2011, Texas