Welcome to WeightWorks Online!

Increasingly, we serve more and more patients outside our immediate clinic locations.

In fact, it is our strategy to reach people from across the USA without the need for physical facilities in each town or city.

This is great news for you - our online patients - because we can now bring the same level of success with our at-home doctor-supervised weight loss.

At WeightWorks, we provide our at-home weight loss service with 1-on-1 doctor consultations via telephone and delivery of our workshops, seminars, etc over the internet at your convenience.

Our primary caregivers for at-home weight loss are the same doctors as those who see patients in our weight loss clinics, so your level of care and coaching is the same as for an in-person visit.

Where Will I Meet the Doctor?

The online version of our weight loss program is delivered to you right in the privacy of your own home.

Our doctor will use telephone and internet to provide guidance, monitor progress and ensure your success.

When Can I Meet The Doctor?

You can choose to have your doctor consultations and workshops at any time that best suits both you and the doctor - workday or weekend, day or evening.

Are There Any Exceptions?

Unfortunately, the only exception is that we must complly with federal rules for interstate medical practice. This means that if you live outside Texas, one of our trained weight loss specialists will be your perform the consultation instead of the doctor.

More Details...

Many of our consultations are done with Dr. Tiffany.

She has completed the program herself to lose over 32 lbs of fat, struggling with weight loss for years before joining WeightWorks.

Weight Loss Doctor - Dr Miller

Click the above picture to read more about Dr. Tiffany.

Weight Loss Profile Questionnaire

Your personal coach - doctor or weight loss professional - will be determnined at the start of your program.

Whoever is assigned, he/she will remain your primary contact for the duration of your entire program - so you can rest assured in trust built up within that relationship.