Program Overview

The WeightWorks program for weight loss is the most comprehensive solution available anywhere today...

It includes doctor involvement with unlimited consultations, a focus on losing the excess pounds AND correcting the underlying reasons for the excess weight.

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At WeightWorks, we follow a careful screening process for each program applicant.

We start with a comprehensive look at both your weight history and current situation, including a 1-on-1 interview with the doctor to be sure that we can help you.

Successful applicants are then recommended for detailed blood work and a comprehensive physical exam, to be sure that there are no underlying metabolic, hormonal or other issues preventing successful and lasting weight loss.

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Phase 1 - Weight Loss Preparation

In order to maximize the effectiveness of our weight loss program , we start with a short period of preparation.

During this time, we encourage healthy eating (no rigorous dieting!) and optimize the liver for the rapid weight loss ahead.

This is a time of preparation of both mind and body, and so we also include clinical workshops and at-home Success Therapies to ensure maximum success.

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Phase 2 - Rapid Fat Loss

Phase 2 is where the action occurs! Women can expect to lose up to 1 lb per day; men up to 2 lbs per day.

In this phase, we follow one of three diet plans, combined with the use of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) for those who are eligible.

In addition, we include clinical workshops, weekly consultations and at-home Success Therapies to exactly match your prescribed program of weight loss.

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Phase 3 - Metabolism Reset

Once we have lost 20 - 30 - 40 pounds, we want to make that permanent.

The first step to keeping the pounds lost off - forever - is to reset the body's metabolism. In this phase, our doctors work with you to exactly fine-tune your metabolism to match your new body weight.

This phase also includes clinical workshops, several consultations and continuing at-home Success Therapies to successfully settle in to the "new you".

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Phase 4 - Making It Permanent

Our body may have stabilized at its new weight, but we now need to make sure that our prior bad habits or destructive behaviors don't sabotage our new naturally-thin weight.

In Phase 4, each patient is provided with a selection of over 50 Success Therapy sessions to specifically focus on their weak points - whether that is sweets, stress or any other issues.

We also augment the at-home Success Therapies with quarterly workshops and doctor consultations, just to be sure that you remain on track and the weight loss becomes permanent.

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Weight Loss Application

Unique Weight Loss System:

The WeightWorks Weight Loss program is a breakthrough approach that:

- Prepares for rapid fat-release

- Reduces hunger and cravings

- Targets troublesome fat storage

- Rapidly burns the right fat

- Preserves lean muscle

- Re-sets the metabolism

- Helps to stop poor eating habits

- Eliminates bad habits

- Bolsters motivation and willpower

- Avoids mental saboage

- Reduces stress


If you have tried and failed with other programs or packages, it is time you tried something that works.

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