Phase 1: Weight Loss Preparation
Phase 2 - Rapid Fat Loss (HCG)
Phase 3 - Metabolism Reset
Phase 4 - Making It Permanent

Phase 1 kicks off the weight loss program with 3 weeks of easy preparation to make sure we are ready for the Rapid Fat Loss of Phase 2.

First, A Clinical Workshop

Phase 1 starts with a doctor-led workshop to review the entire WeightWorks program in detail, and allow you plenty of time to ask all your questions.

In the workshop, the doctor will review details of why your body needs to be optimized for Rapid Fat Loss and how we will do that.

We will also go over the details of how you can use the internet for at-home participation in the Success Therapies.

Following this initial workshop, you will have all the materials and knowledge needed to engage in the program and prepare your body for success.

Then, Preparation for Rapid Fat Loss

In the first 3 weeks of the program, you will follow simple guidelines for making healthy food choices. Although this is not a time of dieting, many people do find that they lose 5-10 lbs during this preparatory period.

Your doctor will review your current eating habits with you and provide insights into small changes that you might make to help prepare the body for weight loss.

In addition, we will use nutritional supplements and a special doctor-only cleanse agent to help nourish and detoxify the body.

This detoxification will restore the liver to optimal performance; leaving it ready to digest high volumes of toxic fat to be removed in Phase 2 of the program.

NOTE: Many people think that the detoxification is like a colon cleanse - it is not, nor does it require extra trips to the bathroom!

And Introduction of Our Success Therapies

From the beginning, we will introduce and use our powerful at-home Success Therapy sessions.

These sessions are a breakthrough in weight loss, using technology to relax and de-stress you, while also supporting and encouraging you through each specific step of our program.

In fact, our Success Therapies are the key reason why our program is so successful - breaking through the Top 2 Reasons why most weight loss fails - click here to read article.
Learn more about the Success Therapies

After 3 weeks of our Weight Loss Preparation, you are mentally and physically ready for the Rapid Fat Loss of Phase 2.

Weight Loss Application


Increased Energy

Mental Clarity

Increased Metabolism

Decreased Hunger

Decreased Food Cravings

Increased Vitality

Correct Fat-Loss Inhibitors

Faster Fat Loss in Next Phase