Phase 3: Metabolism Reset
Phase 1 - Weight Loss Preparation
Phase 2 - Rapid Fat Loss (HCG)
Phase 4 - Making It Permanent

Losing a lot of weight gives the opportunity to reset the body's metabolism to keep it off. Phase 3 does just that.

Start with a Clinical Workshop

As we wrap up The Rapid Fat Loss of Phase 2, we have a unique opportunity to adjust your metabolism to match the "new you" - 20-40 lbs lighter.

Our doctor will teach you how to transition from the recent weeks of Rapid Fat Loss back to normal in a way that prevents the "weight loss rebound" that's so often the case with other weight loss efforts.

As you complete the 2-3 weeks of Phase 3, your metabolism will adjust to a "new normal", which fits your lighter body weight and healthier frame. Doing so, sets the stage for a lifetime of naturally-thin, not an unending stream of yo-yo weight and on-again, off-again dieting.

Freedom to Eat, with Doctor's Coaching

Now that we're done the period of Rapid Fat Loss, the objective is live a normal life, with regular every-day foods from the grocery store and your favorite restaurants.

In your individual weight loss consultations, you will learn how to spot those foods which cause unexpected weight gain, and which foods you can enjoy more easily.

And Special Success Therapies

In Phase 3, we include weekly Success Therapies that are specially-designed to help in the reset of your metabolism.

Not only do we address the physiological changes within your body at your "new normal", we also ensure that your mindset is right for lasting success as well!

At the conclusion of this phase, you will be stabilized at your new, lighter weight - and we start Phase 4 to permanently eliminate the root cause of your weight gain.

Weight Loss Application


A New Naturally-Thin You!

A Stable Lifetime Weight

No Weight Loss Rebound

No Abnormal Fat Storage

No Crash Diets

No Crazy Exercising

Higher Metabolism