Phase 4: Making It Permanent
Phase 1 - Weight Loss Preparation
Phase 2 - Rapid Fat Loss (HCG)
Phase 3 - Metabolism Reset

With your new body weight stabilized, we now permanently eliminate the habits that caused the weight gain to begin with.

Success Therapies to Match Your Needs

Phase 4 begins by choosing the Success Therapies to best match your specific needs - targeting the weak areas, habits & behaviors most likely to cause trouble if left unchecked.

You will select the sessions best for you from a list of over 52, each specialized to meet a certain need.

Sample Success Therapies include:
    - Conquering Cravings for Fats
    - Eliminating the Desire for Sugar
    - Extinguishing Junk Food Cravings
    - Taking Control of Your Appetite
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Biweekly Web Seminars

In addition to these at-home Success Therapies, biweekly web seminars reinforce healthy habits, educate on the latest weight loss trends, and more.

Each of these web seminars is about 10 minutes long and gives doctor insights that are key to keeping you on track and set for a lifetime of naturally-thin life experiences.

Quarterly Doctor Workshops

At this time, we also offer quarterly workshops for all active patients to share success stories, tips and insights for your long term success.

Taken together, Phase 1-2-3-4 encompass 6-12 months where we walk with you on your weight loss journey, building success to last a lifetime.

Following the completion of your WeightWorks Weight Loss program, you should never again spend money or effort on losing those pounds!

Weight Loss Application


A New Naturally-Thin You!

A Stable Lifetime Weight

No Weight Loss Rebound

No Abnormal Fat Storage

No Crash Diets

No Crazy Exercising

Higher Metabolism