Phase 1 - Weight Loss Preparation
Phase 2 - Rapid Fat Loss (HCG)
Phase 3 - Metabolism Reset
Phase 4 - Making It Permanent

The WeightWorks program for weight loss starts with a careful screening process for each program applicant.

First, A History Review

The first thing we do is review a complete history of your past weight gain (and weight loss) experiences.

We will spend enough time in a 1-on-1 session to fully explore the reasons behind your excess weight and the successes (and failures) of your past weight loss efforts.

We know that the better we can understand your personal situation, the better we can tailor a personal weight loss program for you that will succeed.

Then, A Technology Demonstration

Following a 1-on-1 consultation to review your program application and weight gain/loss history, we then will schedule a brief demonstration of our Success Therapy technologies.

These at-home Success Therapy sessions are a breakthrough in weight loss.

They address the core of the weight gain issue - bad habits and unhealthy behaviors that sabotage over 95% of all weight loss efforts - either during a weight loss program or after you've finished.

If you've ever said anything like
I've done so well, I deserve just a little break"
"Now that I'm done THAT program, I can go back to eating X, Y or Z..."
then you already know that these Success therapies are the missing link to avoid that kind of self-sabotage.
Learn more about the Success Therapies

Last, Blood Testing & Physical Exam

Prior to prgoram start, our doctors order bloodwork including CBC, CMP+14, a Lipid Panel, a Thyroid Profile and A1C tests.

The lab results are provided to you and reviewed in plain English at your initial physical exam.

This allows us to be sure that there aren't any hidden metabolic, hormonal or other health issues that may prevent your achieving a successful and safe weight loss result.
View a sample lab report

Once we have completed this process and our doctors have completed their review, then it's time to begin with Phase 1.

Weight Loss Application


Baseline Health Stats

Screening for Other Conditions

Program Suitability Confirmed

Maximum Success Ensured