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The top two reasons for all weight loss failures relate to our personal habits and how we handle stress.

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Our consultations are done in the privacy of your own home. Our doctor will use telephone and internet to complete your weight loss consultation.

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You can choose to have your consultation at the time that best suits you - workday or weekend, day or evening.

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Success Therapies...

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We have over 60 Success Therapies to help you overcome your specific challenges in 14 different categories.

Some of our more popular categories are listed below - click any link to see the sessions available in that category.

  Appetite & Cravings (7)

  Healthy Eating (5)

  Weekends, Holidays & Parties(4)

  Getting into Exercise (5)

  Succeeding at Weight Loss (9)

  Setting Naturally-Thin Habits (4)

  Building Your Motivation (4)