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Weight Loss Success Therapy

At WeightWorks, we realize that the hard part of losing weight is keeping it off - making your weight loss permanent.

Research has shown that the top two reasons for all weight loss failure relate to our personal habits and how we handle stress in our lives. 90-second video

Our Success Therapies therefore exactly target these two culprits.

Each Success Therapy session starts with the use of extensively-researched light and sound technology to produce a relaxation response and reverse the effect of stress on your body. Read More   90-second video #2

Once relaxed, we incorporate creative visualization techniques similar to those used in the training of world-class athletes - focusing on the elimination of habits and behaviors that will otherwise sabotage your weight loss success.

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Weight Loss Success Therapy

With a library of over 60 sessions, your weight loss is made permanent through the elimination of the specific habits or stress that brought on the weight gain in the first place.

How and when you use the Success Therapies is up to you - we provide everything you need for use at home, in the office or on the road.

Since relaxation is the key, there is nothing for you to do but to find a comfortable place to relax. In fact, many people listen to these sessions as they go to bed - falling asleep to the sounds of relaxing music - while others use them during the day as rejuvenating stress reliever.

We encourage you to stop by one of our offices for a demonstration of this wonderful technology. If this is not possible, please to request a remote demonstration of this secret to lasting weight loss.

170 Pounds Lighter!

Randy Clusiau lost 170 lbs using Success Therapy technologies alone!

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Randy Clusiau

Weight Loss Success