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We are privileged to have 4 doctor testimonies on our website: (Dr Rick, Dr Dennis, Dr Stacey & Dr Chad) - each validating the success of the WeightWorks approach to lose the weight and KEEP IT OFF for life.

Dr Stacey

Here is our own Dr. Stacey who was so enthused by her success that she came to work for us.

She lost 37 lbs of hard-to-lose post-baby fat and 35 inches! And, in contrast to her previous attempts the pounds & inches are staying off!

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Dr Chad - 4 months later

Here is Dr. Chad giving an update 4 months after reaching his lifetime goal of 172 lbs. Hear how WeightWorks has given him the tools for a naturally-thin life that includes desserts like cheesecake (!). And no weight loss rebound!

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More Successes!

Read about how Dr. Rick lost 74 lbs

Weight Loss Doctor Success

And, learn how Judie got back to her college weight

Weight Loss Success

These are just some of the many successes that we have helped people just like YOU achieve.

Get started with your success today!

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